Tuesday, 22 September 2009

How I moved from urban hell and embraced rural heaven

It can't be said too often. Devon is heaven. In fact most of the west country is an utterly delightful place to be. Ugly rumours that it is cold, dirty, and populated by unfriendly people in poor dental health, many of whom have learning difficulties, are totally unfounded.
Ever since we first moved here, I and my family have found this part of the world welcoming, friendly, easygoing and extremely easy on the eye. The air is clean, the countryside spectacular and the beaches among the best in the world. We love it, and quite frankly I never get tired of singing its praises. Which I fully intend to do, in The North Devon Chronicles, an account of how I, my husband and our three children fled the crowded south east and settled in the peaceful south west.

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